About Company

Pharma Logistics is a fast growing pharmaceutical wholesale company with a firm focus on Reliable Services of medicines mananagement in Estonia and wholesale of consumer cosmetics in European Union.

We are dedicated to the principles of best practice and high quality in all our activities, particularly in the products supplied and the services provided.


Pharma Logistics holds a licence for wholesale trade in medicinal products (Authorisation no. 674) granted by the Estonian State Agency of Medicines.

You can see our license here (original).

Reliable Services

Pharma Logistics is focused on business to business trade of pharmaceuticals and medical products. We are committed to achieve long term business relationships based on high level of service and competitive terms.
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Why choose us

Pharma Logistics is able to ensure sustainable supply capacity of products. We strive to fulfill the expectations of our clients with regard to the quality and safety of the products we supply.
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